Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chopped! VeganMoFo2014 Edition!

Plum & Radish Tart with a savory Jalapeno, Oolong Tea, and Apricot Preserve Glaze

When I read the list of ingredients, my first recipe idea was to make a tart with phyllo dough. 

First I gathered all my ingredients. 

I then prepared the glaze. I wanted something savory and I didn't want to use sugar, so I mixed   apricot preserve and tomato paste. I thinned the mixture with oolong tea and infused the sauce with jalapeno. I added some cumin and salt

I prepared my phyllo dough by brushing canola oil on the sheets. I then organized the plums and radishes. I placed the tart in the oven, set a 375 degrees, for about 20 minutes.

Voila! The finished product was edible! The savory sauce complimented the earthy radish flavor. If I had to change something, I would have used blueberry preserve for a bigger flavor.

The steam kept getting in the camera hole 

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